To: Everyone Who Has Forgotten Me

I existed in your reality. You looked me in my eyes.
You spoke words meant for me. You thought I’d never die.
You have forgotten me…
I wandered through your mind at night. You reminisced on moments we shared.
You would ask if I was doing alright. You tried to show how much you cared.
You have forgotten me…
I consumed so much of your limited time. You imagined I could cause the feeling of love.
You saw how I looked when I was not fine. You couldn’t think of a world I wasn’t apart of.
You have forgotten me…
I caused you to laugh. You should of stayed.
You broke me in half. You let me fade.
You have forgotten me…
Now I can barely remember your name. Your face is foggy in my mind.
Your life will continue just the same. Your memory I’m leaving behind.
I will forget you…

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