Pretty On Paper

This all sounds a lot better in my head
So why place it on a page instead
Old habits die hard I guess
Maybe these words might help her to undress or confess or ease her distress
I don’t know – I never did – possibly I never will
Perhaps I just like the look, of filled hand written notebooks
She says she wants me for me
I say that’s highly unlikely
I’m lying under these sheets like a ghost
I’m lying under these sheets in the west coast
I’m lying under these sheets about the things I love most
The first thoughts in my head should be my own – no?
I gave up on the definition of ‘home’ a long time ago
I tell her what I write, that’s not poetry
That’s just unformed thoughts on a page
That’s just some poor outlet for my rage
That’s just an entertainer without a stage
It’s all just an untamed bird in a cage…

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