somewhere hidden under cloudless skies

a familiar fragrance from the summer breeze
shed the stained shirt
the heat causes nightly showers
wet towels and toothpaste
stand naked in the doorway
five fans at midnight
down to a solo thin sheet
what kind of pictures am i trying to paint
inland. desert. small mountains surrounding. dry crispy and brown.
i’m further from the coast than i once was
wetsuit isn’t so wet anymore
musical melodies drift from distant rooms. calmly.
too-much-eye-contact type mirror talks
i’ve been falling asleep to old timey sitcoms
classics. like before my birth. intense laugh tracks.
l.e.d illuminations
a second glance wouldn’t change a thing
refrigerator lights and salt lamps
i’m grasping at straws
i’m gasping at stars
i get lost in the moon’s stare sometimes
where have you been my whole life
where have i been my whole life
love the questions but not the marks
i could go on

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