What’s Your Type?

When you’re single, people always ask you what’s your type. They mean in women. Like if you could build a perfect mate in some horrifying workshop that manufactures people – putting aside Cosmic fate, connection and human soul – how would you request it like a Take-Out order . And I always say, “My type? Twenty something, witty, funny, fit but still curvy, model smile, freckled nose brunette who has a stable career and— is married. Because then at least I know why they’re weren’t interested and rejected me.”

It’s all about closure.

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Type?

  1. I would argue …. that closure doesn’t lend itself to creative energy. After all, some of the most timeless pieces of art were composed out of unadulterated heartache.

    So my answer to this exercise would be: Tall, dark, and emotionally unavailable.

    Give me a man who is so handsome that it hurts me to look at him. Let him be brooding, fascinating, complicated, and articulate about every single thing, except his feelings for me.

    Strong arms, soft lips. Someone so unattainable… they inspire a masterpiece.


    1. The other side could be that closure allows you to creatively motivate yourself, not relying on an outside force to perpetuate it, making it come from within. But I think it mainly just has to do with personality types. Some need ‘maybe’s’ – and others want ‘no’s’ allowing them to accept fate and then working from that mind state.

      But interesting point. I originally wrote it just as joke but you inspired some subconscious digging.

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  2. You have a totally valid point, and I agree completely. While I like to and can harness self motivation and creativity, I find it much less interesting and intense. 😉

    The question itself may have been in jest but it’s actually a very fascinating topic! So bravo.

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