Stumble (& Other Losing Balance Verbs)

My heartbeat reverberates through the mattress

Every day is a gift & I’ve got a basket of blessings collecting dust on my nightstand

Helping hand, reach down from heaven

Awoke in the night with no sane strategy

Empty ambitions

Calculated conscience

Completely incomplete – Drifting

So many feint steps

Phantom footprints

Hitting a heart cord hardcore

Struggle to find a place, a passion, a purpose

Do I want peace or an art piece

Are these poems just poor prayers

Currently caught in the current

Bury burdens in the back of my mind

Acting like I’m living life

Standing on the fault line

The fault is all mine

I’m trying to start over

When – Why – Now

Quivering questions creep on up

Gotta focus on something bigger than me

Wearing sweaters in cafe corners

Hitting every extra long red light to get there

What’s my potential

Got no credentials

Shouldn’t even be here

How many years

It takes time though

I’ve got time though

Better end on a high note

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