By Sea or By Land. By Luck or By Plan

A fraud or fluent
Gifted or just guilty
Creator or condemned
I should pray prayers more often
Save regret for when I’m in my coffin
But that doesn’t lighten this load
*A witty line about life being some type of road*
I’m just trying to be fucking funny
Looking for connection but it keeps running
It’s the perspective of a poet or just a poor problem
Write reality into existence
Obstacles become obsolete
Repetitive positivity
I’ll be good in another beat
Retain, retract, respond and resonate
I’m striving to make it in a different state
Staring up at sliding glass doors
It’s busy in my new neighborhood
Things will work out, what I wish will come about
I want to believe it in the morning
With my head and heart
There’s gotta be so many better stories than my own
but I’m hung up – heading home

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