I am grey, a color and a shade, giving flashes of light but also of darkness as you dive deeper into my abyss. I am neutral, the in between, the balance, having no strong pull towards sun or shadow. I am gray, having two names, the light and dark side of the moon, a distant observer of earth. I match the light source around me, looking somber in the presence of vibrant colors but giving a hint of hope in utter blackness. I have many faces, some set in stone. I am a sign of a storm, a warning signal of smoke, the color of rocks and boulders, mountain ranges chiseled by the winds of time. I am brain matter, cerebral and self control. Iron and steel, the armor and the weapon. I beckon the thought of wisdom, contemplation and old age, the essence of my soul since birth. I am grey, a color and a shade.

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