Somberly Sober

Two contradicting ideas rent out space in my head
Please put the No Vacancy sign in the windows
No room for thirds or fourths – I’m confused enough already
Especially after the housewarming party they threw last night
Left me with a head like an anvil and a constant ringing sound to match
I think their trashy Tropical House Beats punched me into another dimension
Like seriously I’m not a hundred percent sure where I am
Can you get a hangover through osmosis
Stumble out into the strange streets looking somewhat suspicious
Breathe in the beauty of the outside world
But choke on the vapors of the liars and cheats
I wish to quit speaking in the middle of my sentences
It’s more of a statement than I could ever convey with words
Interrupting this broadcast for Breaking News
Saloon style karaoke – next on the mic is no one
Let the music play

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