I’ve been trying to define my existence
I’m looking for the realness in my words
Reflections in storefront windows
I’m one among the masses
Moving forward in motion
But that’s only perspective

i’ll get lost on desolate roads, the kind that bend and turn until they dump you out into a cliffside valley view, with nothing but a guardrail between you. i’ll lose myself for a minute, and then i’m right back in it. i’ll stumble upon simplicity and dismiss it like ‘it can’t be that easy’. i travel for others now, mostly because my desires are drowsy. my heart beats hard when i realize, my experiences and memories have turned cloudy. ~ fuck you for not asking, though i didn’t want you to. i’m not sure how i would’ve described it, to tell you the truth. if i would’ve even given something close to an honest answer. or deflected with a joke, a dimpled smile and some laughter. i’m not afraid to go heavy, i just don’t want to drag you down with me. because at some core level, i think i believe all of these thoughts have no meaning.

The darkest nights come at noon
The storm they brew—superimposed behind my figure
I could be so much more
But I could take it or leave it.

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