For The Life Of Me

Pass by rundown restaurants and resorts 
Power lines cutting through an organic oasis
A single snow cap shows far up the side of the sky 
Destructively dry 
Calm climbs but taking gambles 
Harmful hands cut by boulders 
Writing phone notes that couldn’t fit in a phonebook 
More meters for the millennial 
Exiting and exploring when my broken being permits
My addictive aerial anesthetic
Fascinated by the failure for accurate articulation
Formations with the exquisite artistry of nature’s hands
No narration could encapsulate the endless miles of miracles
Salvation for an entity achieving existence
Vegetation in green plumes push through the desert dirt
Corrupted cactus or twisted tree
Surviving savagely 
Says something about me
Chasing sunsets westwardly
– A.B // 2018

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